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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advert is a very effective social advertisement tool. Facebook advert lets your ad be displayed to the interested people under the ‘sponsored’ title. As an advertiser you yourself control the people to whom you want your ad to be flashed.

Unlike the cookies used by most advertising agencies, at facebook your ad is reaching to more accurate audiences of your choice. You can filter your target group by applying various filters such as the demographic location, age group, sex, interest and hobbies, etc. But remember, as many filters you apply, those lesser profiles are left with. Not to be tensed though. You have a giant marketplace of 1.3 billion users to shop from. Even 1% of the total members is an eight digit number!

A facebook advert is embedded with a link leading you to some other website or another facebook page when you click it. It can be a link to download an application, add item to the shopping basket, subscribe to the magazine, redeem a coupon code or some other desired action at your webpage.

Facebook advert keeps the advertiser updated about the results and the budget. Your budget can be a daily limit or overall campaign fee. Results are measurable and identifiable real people.

All you need is to tell us about your requirements and budget and we will do all the needful to make you present to interested audiences.