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Google Adwords/PPC Advertising

Google adwords is a search engine advertisement type where your ad is displayed before search results whena relevant search is made. You have to pay only when your ad is clicked or your number is dialed. You can control the number of clicks depending on your budget.

You precisely attract the relevant people searching for something that you are offering. You can also restrict the geographical location where you want your ad to be displayed. It’s economic and result oriented- you have to pay only if your ad is clicked and website is visited. Results are measurable using tracking tools. You have flexibility of pausing or changing the ad, keyword or the target area, etc. it also works if visitor is operating through the mobile.

Google adwords is not a blind ad agency. It positions your ad after considering few factors out of which two are key elements- your bid money for the ad category and your quality score. Quality score means aggregatevalue from click through rate, content relevance, landing page quality, etc. if your quality score is fairly food, you get rewarded by lesser fee for ad.

We will make you the winners when your ad has to compete with the whole lot at the time of search query raised. We leave no stone unturned to improve your quality score by enhancing your landing pages content and enriching (not overstuffing) with relevant keywords.

Be sure to be present at prime place of web by working with us.