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Google Penguin Recovery Services

Google released an update called “Penguin” in April 2012. It aims at identifying the sites with “unnatural” link profiles and penalizes them. If you also witness a dramatic drop in your sites traffic then check if it coincides with the Penguin updates. Sites with unnatural links are penalized. Unnatural links are those links which exist only for increasing your search engine rankings (SEO).

If you have resorted to these unnatural links to increase your website traffic then you are in danger of being slapped with a Penguin Penalty. Building links gives boosts to your search engine ranking and site traffic (SEO), but in the long run it is only profitable in the case if you have natural backlinks. Unnatural links can pull you in the danger of Google Penguin Penalty.

We offer high end Penguin Recovery services. If you are hit by Penguin you need to remove all the unnatural links. If you received a manual action notification then you should submit a reconsideration request. Penguin can knock you down to invisibility in the search engine ranking (SEO). Here we come for your help.

We will analyze your site to identify those links you are punished for. Then you can remove them. We will further help you in building high quality natural links so that you don’t get penalized for unnatural links and be out of Penguin penalty net.

We offer audit services which thoroughly checks all your backlinks and help you in thorough clean up. We will also help you with onsite analysis and changes. We will help you in submission of reconsideration request. A site having no or very less natural links, have no chances of recovery. We will also analyze your chances of recovery as well before proceeding to the next step. If it is better to start afresh we will suggest you so. Bu t if your site has a good amount of natural links and you have fair chances of recovery, we will help you recover smoothly from Penguin Penalty.