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Pay Per Click

PPC is the internet marketing model requiring payment of a stipulated fee for every click made to the advertisement. It is method of getting paid traffic to your site.

When our ad is clicked by the visitor, we have to pay a small amount to the website or search engine where our ad is published. This click will route the visitor to our desired page. This ensures that we have displayed our visitor what goods or services we have to offer him. The fee when compared to the benefit is trivial.

There are various forms of doing PPC campaign such as google adwords, facebook adverts, yahoo search advertisements, Microsoft ad centre, banner campaigns, etc. these can be broadly classified among the two categories- search engine advertisements and website advertisements.

By giving ad in a popular website, you get a great number of general audiences. As many people will visit that website, that many will see your presence. However, interested audience may be limited. Thus one must find a website that is relevant as well popular.

Search engine advertising is little different. You target the already interested audiences. For example when they search for “pay per click”, your ad will come before the search results.

But there is a lot to build a good advertisement campaign. Search engines are not just dumb machines. They distinguish between a relevant and intelligent ad and irrelevant and general ad. Search engines certainly reward satisfying ads and landing pages by improved ad position and reduced charges. Thus to get complete benefit from your ad campaign you have to research and select relevant keywords, prepare an optimized PPC landing page, finding less costing yet relevant keywords, improve your quality score, etc.

But this requires, time, energy, expertise and resources to accomplish. We have all of them at Acme Digital India Company. We won’t let even a single penny of your hard earned money be wasted. You can assure yourself of receiving the best return for your money invested in e-marketing.

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